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Phone call outreach as a critical component of caregiver engagement


Home care providers nationwide are facing the challenge of driving engagement with their caregivers. In an industry with a remote workforce, high turnover, and a large population with limited experience to technology, it can be difficult for home care providers to connect with their staff. This difficulty presents several issues for care providers. In particular, driving awareness of new job requirements, developing positive habits, and fostering a sense of community.


Ultimately, the most effective way to engage a caregiver depends on the individual's communication preferences and availability, as well as the nature and urgency of the request.

Research shows that personalized SMS and phone calls are critical elements of an effective engagement plan and serve different purposes.

Primary Research from Caribou

Caribou conducted two research studies to assess the effectiveness of phone calls in driving behavior in caregivers with limited experience with technology.

At agency one, Caribou directly called caregivers who were not compliant with using the required technology.


of those who answered became compliant with the required change


caregiver calls were made from Caribou



At agency two, Coordinators were given a calling script and lists of caregivers who had not been compliant with using the required technology.


increase in the number of caregivers compliant with the new technology


calls were made from 3 Coordinators


of calls were answered


Engaging caregivers, driving new behavior, and fostering a sense of community can be challenging. An effective engagement strategy considers the nature of the communication and the desired outcome. Phone calls are a great way to drive new behavior for the first time, and personalized text messages effectively turn that one-time behavior into a recurring habit.

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