At Caribou, our mission is to make quality home care accessible to all.

Taking care of home care.

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How we work

Caribou’s platform is designed to elevate the home care experience for families, agencies, and professional caregivers.


Families struggle to find trusted, last-minute help for their loved ones at home. Ironically, professional caregivers at the average home care agency often sit idle and work fewer hours than desired.


Caribou is developing a platform that turns idle caregiver time into a flexible home care market. We create a more responsive connection between those who need care and those who provide it.

Families & Clients

Flexible, responsive,

and more affordable care.

Professional Caregivers

Control over scheduling,

stable hours, and less idle time.



Reduced missed visits,

lower turnover, and better service.


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About Caribou

Caribou is a proudly Canadian company building technology that improves the quality of life for everyone in the home care industry.


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