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Attract & retain top talent

Staff referrals are the best source of high-performing talent. Yet few hires come from this channel.

Some staff form close bonds with their clients and never miss shifts. Yet other staff generate mixed client reviews and can be unreliable.


Today, staff referral and rewards programs aim to solve these HR challenges. But what is holding them back?


  1. They are difficult to keep top-of-mind with staff

  2. They can be administrative nightmares to upkeep

  3. They aren’t tapping into the right incentives


Caribou changes all that. Our fun and easy-to-use platform empowers care organizations to launch industry-leading referral and rewards programs. The average 50-staff Caribou launch generates 8 new hires in the first 30 days, with 70% of staff participating.

We help your team thrive

Get more staff referrals
  • Automated marketing to staff

  • Tiered rewards for referrals, applications, hires, and retention milestones

  • Campaigns and competitions keep staff engaged

  • Leaderboards encourage friendly competition

Drive better performance

Reward staff for:

  • Achieving high attendance streaks

  • Taking hard to fill shifts

  • Completing training on time

  • Receiving client compliments

  • Giving availability updates

Reduce admin work.png
Reduce administrative work
  • Integrate with your ATS

  • Empower your staff to build your brand

  • Save significant admin time through automation 

  • Easy email reminders anytime you need to take action

Our customers love us

"Caribou has quickly become our main source of care worker talent. In one month, Caribou generated 39 applications, which converted to 9 hires. We used to need roughly 100 applications on job boards to generate 1 new hire." 

Steve Kelly | CEO, Always Best Care Senior Services

​"Caribou has been so incredibly positive for our recruitment process.  Our frontline staff has become actively involved with our hiring and we have been able to positively grow our team! Caribou has become our main source of discovering new talent and has replaced our regular process of scouring job sites via Indeed, Zip, etc."

Patti Clancy | CEO, Kawartha Home Health Care


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