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Case Study

Increasing mobile EVV adoption with micro-rewards

Communicate and reward the behaviors you value.


At Home Solutions


Employee Count



New York, Queens,

Bronx, Brooklyn,

Valley Stream


At Home Solutions had a high occurrence of IVR and manually verified visits. Manually verifying visits was time consuming for office staff and a drain on resources. At Home Solutions aimed to increase their mobile EVV rate in order to reduce manually verified visits and improve overall mobile app adoption to set themselves up for success in the future for value based care.


At Home Solutions and Caribou co-designed and implemented a new rewards program focused on increasing mobile EVV rates and reducing manually verified visits. Home Health Aides (HHAs) were incentivized to adopt the mobile app by receiving points through Caribou each time they properly clocked in and clocked out of visits with the mobile app.


In 6 weeks, At Home Solutions:


increase in mobile app adoption


decrease in manually verified visits

“Finally! A fun, easy and convenient way to reward and incentivize our valued home care workers. We have seen immediate results with Caribou Rewards Program. Home Care workers are eager to go above and beyond knowing they will be rewarded. It is wonderful working with the Caribou team, who is responsive, helpful and goal oriented.”

Esther Mamonov, Supervisor of Coordination, At Home Solutions

About At Home Solutions

At Home Solutions has been a staple in the New York Home Care community for over a decade. In 2022 alone, At Home Solutions delivered over 1.5 million hours of care to their community across the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Valley Stream.

At Home Solutions has a history of strong caregiver retention, but they were challenged to drive adoption of mobile EVV. Manual visit verification and HHA resistance to new technology created added workload, cost, and risk for At Home Solutions. 

At Home Solutions partnered with Caribou to directly address the challenges of increasing mobile EVV rates. Together, they designed an incentive structure that incentivized HHAs to not only use the mobile app to clock-in and clock-out once, but to build an ongoing habit.

Implementation: Driving results through co-design and automation.

In fall 2022, At Home Solutions engaged Caribou to help increase their mobile EVV rates. Over a four-week period, the two teams co-designed a rewards and recognition program focused on the following:

A simple and engaging experience for caregivers

No apps to download. No passwords.

Educating on the simplicity and benefit of mobile EVV

Clear messaging and supporting materials

Building good habits

Incentivizing good behavior and rewarding it consistently

Sustained engagement

Tailored SMS, engaged supervisors, video content, fun promotions


Incentives designed to catch the attention of HHAs and drive buy-in

The implementation was low complexity and required a total of two hours, spread across four weeks. This time was used to determine the amount of points given for each successful clock in and clock out, and develop a custom change management strategy. This strategy drove adoption across all levels of the organization by engaging coordinators and meeting caregivers ‘where they are’ with targeted calling and SMS.

Value Attained: An increase in mobile EVV rates and a reduction in manually verified visits.


increase in mobile app adoption


decrease in manually verified visits



utilization of the recognition tool by Coordinators

Conclusion: Expanding use of micro-rewards to increase capacity and retention.

At Home Solutions is now using Caribou to provide caregiver rewards for employee referrals and retention bonuses. Micro-rewards continue to play an important role in staff engagement and offer a unique opportunity to support the shift into value-based care.

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